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The sport of volleyball is to fast for a player to be successful if they are playing "reactive". I have spent many hours behind the endline coaching my team. So many times I have said (and I have heard many other coaches say) "How can they not see that coming" or "That ball is so easy to pick up". We as coaches see the play develop much differently than a player does because many players DON'T see the play develop at all. They are caught up in trying to react to play that many times is over before the reaction starts. I spend a lot of time with defensive specialists. What do I fill up that time with...helping them anticipate what might or could happen with the opponent and team mates. Viewing the block, attack angle, set placement and such trying to gain a micro second to make a play. Hey Wayne -Maybe this is why our teams have produced all-state liberos year after year. This type of coaching needs to be done at every position.

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